The Mystery of Knowing

Just how much does fate or destiny play a role in our ‘passion’? (Image:
Just how much does fate or destiny play a role in our ‘passion’? (Image:


The whole idea of knowledge is that it’s based on information. Making informed decisions gives us ample room to maneuver around what we already know.

We’ve discussed in the past few entries, following your heart; your passion. Let’s face it; the unknown is not a ‘known’ factor. So how do we begin to know what our passion really is?

Many people rely on education, experience, and other valuable sources of information. Others rely on pure gut instinct; the intuitive mind. They are often drawn as if by a magnet, to peruse a certain website, magazine, or even by reading a book.

They will make certain connections to others that open unexpected and surprising doors. Many prospective RMSAAM students have been drawn to study at Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage, and just ‘knew’ it was the right school for them. They did searches on Animal Massage Schools, and RMSAAM’s website popped up. They began by asking a few questions, which then turned into well-rounded, and specific questions, which then ultimately provided the necessary answers to make an informed decision.

Just how much does fate or destiny play a role in our ‘passion’? RMSAAM would love to hear your take on it, and even how you came to read this very entry at this moment; especially because you love animals, and you are wondering how you can help our animal friends, and make a living at it at the same time! We are looking forward to hearing your story!