‘Fall’ into love

There’s something easy about falling in love...
There’s something easy about falling in love…


by Sandi Martinez

One calm day, all is fine and beautiful.  The drying, and yellowed leaves fall slowly to the ground.  A hush, something close to the calm before the storm drapes the place I live.  The sun sparkles, and bathes the ground, and everything that’s alive.  It is easy to forget how others may be suffering.  It is easy to forget how disasters smash into entire cities, and towns – especially because I don’t live there.  It is easy to forget how simple and yet how precious my dog lavishes me with attention.  Until one day, should I lose him, I will have remembered; but it would be too late to hold on to those moments.

There’s something easy about falling in love.  It’s as if life itself becomes bottomless.  There is something even more challenging to stay in that love.  And when the chips are down, and the ground seems to be moving beneath me, I know I cannot take love for granted.  Love from my dog, love from my loved ones, friends, and those I have yet to meet, will never grow magically all on its own.

This fall, I’m going to fall in love; with everything.  This fall, I’m going to remember me, who I am, and what I contribute to those around me.  It’s not about jobs, or survival anymore.  Because I know now, I cannot survive without the support of others.  It’s true; we were not meant to be alone.  And yet when disaster comes, our loved ones are flitting around lost in an abyss, and the sense of joy, relief, and gratitude, is immeasurable when we find one another amidst the chaos.

Next time, when I hear of disaster around the world, I will make it a point to remember, how important it is to always hold those people, and animal companions in my heart – not just when the chips are down, but always.  This fall, I will fall deeply and soundly into myself, dig deep and find the strength and courage I need, and shower it on everyone… because isn’t that truly what compassion is?

What will you ‘fall’ into this fall?  RMSAAM wants to know!