RMSAAM’s Scholarship Program Open Doors… Again

"The excitement that I felt when I received my scholarship acceptance letter was phenomenal." RMSAAM student, Danielle Easley.
“The excitement that I felt when I received my scholarship acceptance letter was phenomenal.” RMSAAM student, Danielle Easley.

by Danielle Easley: (RMSAAM student, shares an essay she wrote as part of the scholarship application process.)

“The Experience I have had with Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage was even more than what I expected. After researching schools and programs, I chose the school that I felt was going to best help me achieve my goal.

When I first decided to apply for the scholarship program I was beside myself with what if’s, but I applied for the scholarship anyway.  I waited to hear from RMSAAM to see if I was accepted for what seemed like forever, though it was probably closer to a few weeks. Then the day came when I found out I had been given the opportunity to go to school on RMSAAM’s scholarship program.   The excitement that I felt when I received my scholarship acceptance letter was phenomenal.

When I started looking over the curriculum, I was pleasantly surprised at the detail and depth of the lessons. After going to school to be a veterinary technician I know the importance of understanding how the animal body works as well as directional terminology and other medical terminology.  Knowledge of these things I feel, are so important in order for the veterinary community as well as potential clients, to take you seriously as an Animal Practitioner.

In order to receive my scholarship I had to give back to my community; RMSAAM asks that students volunteer 25-40 hours (# of hours determined on a case by case basis) at either a RMSAAM-approved facility like Happy Dog Ranch or Zuma’s, Vet Clinics, Animal shelters etc., or with an approved organization near me: The SPCA Shelter of Hancock County in ME. This task though it seemed simple, was a bit more trying than I had thought it would be. After trying a few different places, nothing seemed to line up.  Click here, for more information on RMSAAM’s scholarship program.

Though now I am glad that it didn’t. I ended up coming across a Siberian husky named Koda in need of a foster home. He had a list of behavioral problems, and the family no longer had time to deal with them. After speaking with RMSAAM about possibly fostering him and using some of the time as volunteer hours, I got the ok from RMSAAM and we welcomed Koda into our home.  He was not house-broken and walked with a bad limp.  A few weeks later, a trip to the vet resulted in a lime-positive test and had a urinary tract infection, as well as crystals in his urine.

With the necessary treatments, we were able to get him back on track.  All that aside; Koda is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. He is playful, energetic, and such a cuddler. Though I did not have a chance to massage him during his antibiotic treatments, I’m sure he would have welcomed the experience.  If anyone is interested in learning more about Koda please contact the husky n lab rescue for more info.

In short, I would highly recommend RMSAAM to anyone looking to become a Canine Massage Practitioner. The program is excellent and I look forward to returning to learn more!”