Beware of Dog DIY

By Stephanie Finne (Guest Contributor)

Need a sign to warn people of the dangers of your pet? We have the sign for you!


Wood sign (new or used with hardware for hanging – I found this sign at a thrift shop for $6)
Paint deglosser
White paint
Paint in color of your choice
Paint brush
Paper towels
Push pins
Garbage bag or plastic drop cloth
Sticker letters (or letters cut out of vinyl)


1. Cover your work area with the garbage bag or drop cloth to protect it from paint.

2. If you have a new piece of wood, skip to step 4. If you have a used sign, like this one, you will want to clean it and prepare it for new paint by applying paint deglosser. Follow the directions on the can. Using gloves, pour some deglosser on a paper towel and wipe it on the board in a circular motion. Be sure to adjust the paper towel often to avoid redistributing the oils.


3. Within 30 minutes of deglossing, paint your sign with primer. Because of the color of this sign, I used two coats of primer.

4. To keep the paint from sticking to the garbage bag, I added push pins to the bottom of the sign to keep them from resting on the bag (picture above).




5. Once the primer is dry, paint a base coat of white. To get complete coverage, two coats of white may be needed.


6. Use a cutting machine to cut the letters out of vinyl or gather letter stickers. Arrange your letters on transfer paper to get the alignment you prefer. Be sure to double check that the hardware is at the top of the sign before placing the stickers on the board!



7. You can either leave the sign as is or paint the sign with a contrast color. Marta Stewart any surface craft paint in the color Rubber Ball was used here.




8. After two to three coats of the contrast color have dried, peel off the letters to reveal the white layer underneath.


9. Touch up any spots the contrast color bled under the letters. You have a completed Beware of Dog Kisses sign! Display your sign to warn all visitors of the dangers your pup presents!


This sign would make a great addition to your massage therapy room. To find other items you may need for your practice, visit the RMSAAM store!