Lego my ego!

To love is like rain from above...
To love is like rain from above… (Image: Sandi Martinez)


In honor of April’s National Poetry Month!

Contributed by Sandi Martinez

The bone you carry

Appears to make you weary,

Are you tired?

The treasures you hide under that dirt pile

Grow larger every day,

May as well bury the rest under the hay

What will you do with so much?

And how will you remember

To give is to live

To love is like rain from above

Washes over the parts that we don’t see

And we are new – no more new stuff,

Old stuff, or too much is not enough

Lego my ego,

I want to be who I am

No fluff, buff, or shuff,

Just me, you, this little place we call house

And enough love that keeps on giving…

Lego my ego would ya?

I’m empty now anyway

Nothing has become enough

Lego my ego

©Sandi Martinez