Celebrating National Poetry month in April!

I wish they would stop it’s no use... (Image: Sandi Martinez)
I wish they would stop
it’s no use… (Image: Sandi Martinez)


RMSAAM wishes you a Happy Easter!

Contributed by Sandi Martinez

Sting Cleaning

Dust bunnies flitter

all around specs aglitter

they gather up in the air

like a gathering at an elegant party

My human cleans,

swipes with a cloth

sprays smelly stuff

and thinks it sticks

But it doesn’t

I can see

the dirt gather all around

and stick to my paws

They call it sting cleaning

the wasps fly in and out

and buzz in my ears

I caught one in my mouth

It stung

maybe that’s why it’s called

‘sting cleaning’

I wish they would stop

it’s no use




That always



©Sandi Martinez