DIY Bird Treats


By Stephanie Finne (Guest Contributor)

It is spring and the birds are chirping! I saw this on Pinterest and knew just what I was keeping all those stale Cheerios for! I made a couple snacks for the birds in just half an hour.  They are gone a week later! Time to make a few more. Here’s how:


Floral wire
Cheerios (or other O-shaped cereal)


  1. Cut the wire into sections (I made two different size hearts) and bend the wire in half to form a V.


  1. Thread O-shaped cereal onto the wire, forming the top heart shape as the wire fills toward the top. Close the heart by twisting the wire around itself. Then start the next heart.


3. Before closing the second heart, loop the wires through the first heart. Then close.

DSC056984. Make as many hearts as you would like. Then hang in a tree by looping the heart over the branch. If you like, you can use ribbon to tie the treat to the branch instead.


  1. Let the birds enjoy!


We know several dogs that like to watch the birds.  Providing the birds treats will bring hours of entertainment for your furry friend! For other ideas on keeping your furry friend happy, enroll in PetTech™ CPR, First Aid and Animal Care Training Certification through RMSAAM!