Your Calling; are you stalling?

Congratulations! You did make a decision… or did you? (Image: Sandi Martinez)
Congratulations! You did make a decision… or did you? (Image: Sandi Martinez)


Contributed by Sandi Martinez

It begins with doubts, but mostly an immense feeling of freedom: Images of working with animals, and a ‘knowing’ that it’s just what you should be doing. But then, the boxed in reality of the job you go to everyday, the one that puts bread and butter on the table, come in and jumble your thoughts, throwing you into doubtful, cloudy, abyss.

Then comes the, ‘put it on the back burner’; it’s a lofty idea, completely unworkable.  For how on earth are you supposed to begin the process of getting the education you need in order to become a certified Animal Practitioner? The idea may seem far-fetched, and indeed a challenging one.

But who made up that saying, “Nothing worth doing comes easy” or something to that effect? So how do you begin the process? Is there a magical formula that you follow? An easy step-by-step guide on: ‘how to follow your dreams and make them a reality?’

Surely there is one? For if the magic swirls around you and inside of you, then a materialization of this concept must exist somewhere? So then the next thing is you go to the book store, and head over to the ‘Self-help’ section.

Oh my, tons of great books. Now, which one is the one? Suddenly, there appear to be too many. It’s almost as if by being confronted by too many choices, you now can’t make a simple decision as to which book(s) is the right one!

Instead perhaps the final decision is to go back home, and look up each book you wrote down as a possible good choice on Google Books. So, great! This is the decision for now. Congratulations! You did make a decision… or did you?

Days go by. Weeks go by. Years go by. The list still sits on your computer bookmarked somewhere. Perhaps you even bought a new computer in all this time, and oops, you didn’t save the link to the books list that you coveted and hid for later review so possessively, somewhere…

Early mornings and dog-tired evenings are when the thoughts come again. Especially when you are walking your dog, or playing with your cats, or feeding your rabbit – oh, how you would love to work with animals…

Do you think that you just randomly happened by this article? Do you think perhaps that you have just taken the first step to making your dream come true as an animal practitioner?

Click here, read on to discover how easy it is, to make an informed decision… Congratulations, you’ve now taken the first, real, and palpable steps to do doing what you love, instead of dreading where you’re going everyday… Congratulations!