The crystallization of dreams

Tag (left) and Tris, [Lisa Speaker’s sweet twins] hanging out with the chickens... soon, they’ll be collecting and bringing in the eggs!
Tag (left) and Tris, [Lisa Speaker’s sweet twins] hanging out with the chickens… soon, they’ll be collecting and bringing in the eggs! [Image: Lisa Speaker]

Contributed by Sandi Martinez and Lisa Speaker


On the web, the definition of crystallization is as follows:

Crystallization is also a chemical solid–liquid separation technique, in which mass transfer of a solute from the liquid solution to a pure solid crystalline phase occurs.

Today, more and more people are living smaller; tiny living, some call it. People are finding ways to spend less and save more. But more importantly people are looking at the things that truly make them happy, and what makes them tick and also, what would bring in some money while doing that thing ‘they love to do’.

Yesterday, (the past – as far as you can remember and the history books, says it’s so) people did what they had to. Calloused fingers worked harsh, dry, and seemingly impossible conditions in order to make their farms a success. They fed cows, chickens, and grew vegetable gardens in order to produce, eggs, meat, and well… yeah, vegetables. You get the picture…

Today, we can go to Farmers’ markets, meat specialty stores, and organic grocery stores. Is there anything we do today, especially the city slickers that actually contribute to this amazing feat? We spend the money to purchase what these hard-working folks have spent so many years doing… And we savor the nutritious and chemical-free meal, snack, or amazing salad and/or barbecue!

Dreams are no longer dreams. They are mental blueprints we create as markers for what will become… As easy as it is for the farmer to see the crystallization of their vegetables; the tomatoes falling heavily from their branches, the beans draping lazily over one another, the corn stalks springing toward the sun, and the chickens flitting about wildly; your efforts to make your dreams come true, can be seen in the same crystal-clear manner. It is not impossible anymore. Just take a drive to the country and take in the wondrous beauty of farms all around you. We don’t dream anymore – we make mental blueprints.

So, what are yours? RMSAAM wants to know!