The road ends here


You’re way visible. [Image: Sandi Martinez-Abiquiu Lake, NM, boat ramp.]
You’re way visible. [Image: Sandi Martinez-Abiquiu Lake, NM, boat ramp.]
by Sandi Martinez

Is it time to go?  Where, you might ask?  Things just aren’t feeling entirely right… so much on your mind, and so much to contemplate.  Yet, you’re way passed, the past.  The truth stares you in the face, and there is nowhere to run.  The sand over your head doesn’t feel so soft anymore – there are a lot of grains everywhere, and every time you come up for air you choke on the dust.  Worse, everything is still the same and guess what?  You’re way visible.

After the travel ends, and you get to where you wanted to go, you wonder if there is more road ahead, or if the new ones that have opened up are just an illusion or are they the only way to move?  Going back seems so comforting.  Going back is the only road and way you’ve known, and darn it, it’s safe!

But the road ahead is watery you say: Too much emotion, too unpredictable.  The other path is fraught with dirt and rocks and who-knows-what else… what if you trip, or come across a rattler?  Oh goodness, may as well avoid that path, but the water ahead involves a boat… Oh goodness, you say: I don’t have one!

I have bad news and good news: The bad news (everyone likes hearing that first) is that you are thinking too literally.  The move, the shift, starts within you.  The good news: You are reading this and nodding to the words written here.  It means you have already started on the path of the unknown; the one likely leading to your heart.  Once you offer up yourself as a sacrifice for your own good, all the other stuff falls into place.  So if you insist, go buy that boat, and/or kayak.  Please take RMSAAM with you!  We love to get wet on such hot days…

Go forward, and make your own new road – you will be the one who travels it, and you are the only one who can make your own dreams come true.