Looking at the “Whole Horse”

By Deandra Walker


While traditional western medicine has it’s place, most complimentary modalities can be utilized in conjunction with traditional treatments, adding to their effectiveness and helping to shorten recovery time. When a horse’s immune system is strong through a healthy natural lifestyle, such as regular massage and acupressure treatments, they are less likely to develop the common health concerns that horses whose systems have been loaded with toxins. It seems the more we interfere with our horses natural immune systems and load them up with chemicals and pesticides in an attempt to prevent illness, the more likely they are to be susceptible to illness and injury. By changing our perspective to a “whole horse” perspective and looking at our horses holistically, we come to the realization that all systems of the horse affect each other. Everything cannot be addressed through one discipline alone. And it is only through understanding the interrelation between the different systems of the horse that we can truly identify and address imbalances and illness in our horses.