Up to my chin

Oh me, oh my, Oh how the snow grows tall... (Image: Sandi Martinez)
Oh me, oh my, Oh how the snow grows tall… (Image: Sandi Martinez)

by Sandi Martinez

Oh how the snow grows tall

I wag my tail and it drags

Across the frozen ground

Oh, my coat is covered in snow

And my paws too

How to get warm,

And stay warm?

Please, give me tons of blankets

A sweater and coat

And those cute snow shoes

Just because I’m a dog

Doesn’t mean those I couldn’t use

Oh, and a nice massage

Yes… right there near the shoulder blades

And around my belly

Thank you my dear human

I am all ears as you tell me your troubles

And you rub me behind my ears and remember

To fill my bowl with unfrozen water

And a bit more food too…

Why? Because that’s what humans do

For their animal counter-parts and because I love you too,

Thank you for extra love and kisses because this winter hasn’t even begun

And the snow is up to my chin!