Success; when it becomes a thorn on your side

There is a very special ingredient to success – humility. (Image: Sandi Martinez)
There is a very special ingredient to success – humility. (Image: Sandi Martinez)

by Sandi Martinez

Try… and try again until you succeed. We hear this in many various forms and perhaps is even a quote somewhere. Time, energy, more time, and still more energy, and sloshing through doubts and insecurities – a time when you are being measured. When we succeed at something we set a high standard not only for ourselves, but for our peers. For without the proof, a way to measure success, it wouldn’t matter now would it?

There is a very special ingredient to success – humility. We have suffered, sacrificed, given up many things we thought we would like or enjoy better – or worse – would be more realistic and in our best interest to take a different route. Still, we chose to continue… why? With so many voices including our own, is the determination to continue on the ‘unknown’ path; the least tread and possibly the most frightening – where no man or woman has gone before.

And then as if a breath of fresh air or clouds parting on a rainy day, the sun slices through the sky we get there, success! We receive well-earned accolades, recognition, and respect for our hard-earned success. But with success comes commitment. The kind that takes up even more of your energy, more of your time, and increases the pressure a few notches more than where it was before.

Perhaps a bit of your old self is being filed away a bit at a time. Suddenly, the small amounts of free time you did have are now taken up by volumes of additional responsibility and expectation from others. Now time with your family, friends, and loved ones is being eaten up by what’s expected of you.

But I have an important question for you: What do you expect of yourself and how do you plan on carrying it out realistically, while balancing your family, friends, and professional life? Perhaps you might find that a bulleted list of helpful hints might be just what you need but instead, RMSAAM is asking you to come up with your own!

And we’ll take it a step further, and ask you to share it with us! We’d love to hear about the challenges and obstacles that became the stepping stones to your ultimate success as an animal body-worker, and what you considered to be thorns on your side on your way to success. Because a thorn on our side may not just be painful or uncomfortable but a reminder: What appears as an obstacle is merely a red flag that something is amiss in our plans. Stand tall, plan well, and prepare to reap the rewards of your success and do so with humility, for without it, you are just another blooming flower amongst hundreds, growing on the same row and in the same field.

Stand out, stand proud, and grow tall!