Diffusing Essential Oils: Diffuser 101

spa-mistEspecially at this time of year, when it’s still dreary, cold and rainy, and I’m longing for warm, sunny days, I find using an essential oil diffuser very beneficial. Emotional roller coasters for us humans also impact our furry friends, who quickly pick up on our energy and emotions. Using essential oils can be a great way to calm everyone down in the household, and using a diffuser is a way to simplify the process.

31XDymhrOiLThere are many different diffusers, and many different opinions, so here I hope to convey general information to help people make up their own minds. When looking at different brands of diffusers, do your homework! Some people are brand-devotees, sticking to Young Living, doTerra, etc. Some people are perusers of Amazon.com. Regardless, reading reviews of the product is essential. Will the company replace the diffuser if there is an issue? Do they have a good trouble-shooting schematic for problems? Are they very clear on the drops of oil to water ratio?


Things to consider when looking for a diffuser:

  • Diffusers that heat the oil can also degrade the oil, so opt for one that stays cool
  • With water vapor diffusers, you want to make sure that the unit will create a super-fine mist. The finer the mist, the more broken down the oil molecules will be the distribute more throughout the air.
  • Different units will run for longer periods of time
  • Some units light up, some are more designed to fit in with room decor
  • How easy are they to keep clean? Keeping your diffuser clean is imperative for it to function properly. Some designs have many pieces to take apart in order to keep them clean and running well.

*ALWAYS make sure that the oils you choose to diffuse are safe to use around pets–dogs, birds and ESPECIALLY cats. Books like The Animal Desk Reference by Melissa Shelton, DVM are an excellent resource for using essential oils safely around your animals.*

Written by Callie Rulli, Skylark Animal Bodywork, LLC