Lazy Summer

“Laziness is the first step towards efficiency.”  ― Patrick Bennett
“Laziness is the first step towards efficiency.”
― Patrick Bennett (Image:

by Sandi Martinez


I can feel it; the sun dipping lower, sooner

the black velvet of night


and astounds

Crickets squeak, their voices chime

along with the frogs

My fur has thinned,

my waist now fairly slim

but I notice now,

the cold creeps into my bones,

The nights are cooling off

and my human’s want to

jump in their car and drive

What’s the rush, and where and why?

They say the summer is flying by

I don’t know what that means,

but I can stand to ride smooth and slow

The wind blowing through my hair

Soon, the leaves will turn

and they will crunch under my paws

But for now, I will soak up the sun

my humans in tow

Yeah… it’s a lazy summer alright

But hold on tight, fall’s just around the bend

And the earth will soon shed her skin…


The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. ~Buddha
The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. ~Buddha (Image:

Let’s take a closer look at ‘grounding’. We can view this as an opportunity to plant our feet firmly on the ground; or… to simply feel the solidity of the earth under our feet. Is there a difference? Truth be told, no.

Think back to your last vacation. Perhaps, when you were on a beach; the sand drifted its many grains of miniscule pebbles through your toes, and the heat wormed its way through your feet, your calves, knees, thighs, hips, and so on…

As an Animal Practitioner, how is this different than grounding your energy prior to working with an animal? You are in a serene, quiet, and relaxed environment; soft and soothing music plays in the background, (or a horse arena, stable, or field with beautiful views) for your animal client. Your senses are heightened, as you connect with the senses of your client. But… and there always is one… what shall you do with the background ‘interference’ of daily life?

Is it normal for the mental spider webs to hang around precariously? Yes. (You’re only human.) Yet, what do you do with that interference? How do you keep your feet planted on the ground whilst you perform the act of giving your gifts away as an Animal Practitioner? The only way is to bathe the ‘social static’ away from your cells that then permeate through your entire body, bathed in beautiful white, bright, light.

Light and blissful drops of rain filled with light and pure unconditional love, deposited throughout your entire body. A brief, simple, and concentrated meditation is all that is needed to achieve this blissful and beautiful state of being prior to the moments of working on your animal client. For humans, life is filled with debris, but for animals, life is filled with innocence, and promise – nature continually gifts us; let’s mirror their experience, and recreate this during your sessions!

Why me?

"Because everything around us, including humans and our animal counterparts are bundles of energy, we forget that our physical boundaries are just that, physical."
“Because everything around us, including humans and our animal counterparts are bundles of energy, we forget that our physical boundaries are just that, physical.”

Connections; humans and animals alike seem to be bound by an invisible link –a lifeline – that ties us together like a silk rope, or cord; there are many words to describe this link. The one link that is the most fascinating is the unspoken one. The one that when a human adopts a pet at the animal shelter, and a dog runs straight to that person – a shout-out: ‘It’s me you want, your new best friend!’

So technically, ropes or cords don’t talk… (At least not that we here at RMSAAM have heard of!) the word ‘unspoken’ is simply that; words that don’t need to be said aloud. And how do we as humans interpret the unspoken, and most mysteriously and curiously, do animals interpret it?

First, we look at the word ‘connection’. Because everything around us, including humans and our animal counterparts are bundles of energy, we forget that our physical boundaries are just that, physical. These are the doors we open, the car doors we lock and unlock, and any walls, or other obstacles we may walk into. But without running the risk of getting too ‘out there’, we will keep this simple. Energy has no boundaries. Therefore, energetic, or ‘psychic’ connections we have with each other as humans, also apply to animals. This is why it is possible to communicate with them. And how they know when we are sad, or emotional, or need a big hug or kiss.

So, why you? Why did that dog come straight over to you at the animal shelter? Why did that horse dance and prance around its pen or field to greet you, and ask you to stop and say hello? Energy is alive and well, and beautiful and has no words. The only words are the actions that come from such a miraculous connection.

Think back. Reach back into your memory, and think about the same experience you had with a human. The recognition was unexplainable, nearly impossible. Yet, the connection was undeniable. The question ultimately, is not, ‘why me’, but rather, ‘Why not me?’

Our animal friends have a soul, a gentle and loving spirit that moves us, and with us; when we open ourselves up to our animal friends’ love, we open up to universal love – a love that is undeniable, and totally real and accessible. Our pets are our teachers in this arena!

Many stories about animal connections abound… please share yours with us, we’d love to hear them!

Paw prints in the snow

"And I wondered how you might find me..."
“And I wondered how you might find me…”

by Sandi Martinez


One night, I dreamed I hiked with you in the snow

I don’t know why, it was dark, cold, and I felt old,

I noticed you always walked ahead of me

but then, I stopped suddenly

my paw ached,

I saw your face

your boot made a sound

but then you disappeared,

I felt alone

I wanted to go home

I was scared

And then I saw lights

they glowed

My paw felt worse, like it was burning

and I worried

you were not coming

And I wondered how you might find me

and when you did come, you brought help

and I asked ‘how did you find me?’

and you said,

‘I saw your paw prints in the snow’,

I kissed your face, no, I mean slobbered,

and we all went down the hill,

with me in your arms,

and the snow behind

And I awoke,

thankfully with no snow

and the pain had gone away!

Valentines Day!

from RMSAAM staff

Illusion; our greatest gift

“This dragonfly came up to me. He was hovering right in front of my face, and I was really examining him, thinking, How does he see me? I became enlightened.” ~Ziggy Marley

by Sandi Martinez

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes.  The word illusion in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (online), is: ‘The state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled’.  So how then, can illusion be a gift?  No one likes being misled or disillusioned now do we?

On a walk with my dog this morning, this little guy, the dragonfly was on the sidewalk sitting there like he was just resting his amazing and beautiful wings.  Samson my dog sniffed him; confused.  I gently moved Samson back as I tried to examine this majestic insect.  He hadn’t flown away when my dog came near.  It was then that I realized he might be wounded.  I laid my hand on the ground, my palm facing up, and he gently nudged my finger, and then amazingly started to climb onto my hand.  He stood stock-still – his wings barely moved.  I spoke to him softly and asked if he just needed help; a gentle wind stirred and I thought he would lift off.  But he didn’t.  He seemed to stare at me, as if I myself was a strange-looking insect – and a huge one at that!

Which brings me back to illusion: Dragonfly’s tend to signify illusion in the world of totem meanings.  They rule the wind and water.  They spend their first two years in water as nymphs, and as they age, they take to the air in quite a metamorphic transformation.  Because of these two elements, apparently people, who are lucky enough to get near one (like myself), are in the process of balancing emotions and thought.  Do I agree with this?  Could this be any of us, or all of us?

In this case, this little fellow was wounded.  Does this mean that while undergoing intense emotional transformations, that we are able to see the deeper truths around us, thus freeing us from illusion?  Did my visit today with the dragonfly, have anything specifically to do with me, or was I to share this beautiful unexpected gift with you all, that may be similarly experiencing the challenges of transformation?

The one thing that I understood clearly from my insect visitor was this: What are you looking at?  And I’m taking that literally, as well as figuratively.  Isn’t it an excellent question after all!

The ‘Pet’ (Home-Improvement) Project!

"Thanks for the bone, ahh, can you please throw down a rug too?" (photo:

by Sandi Martinez

Spring projects are underway!  Whether you just purchased or are in the process of remodeling your home, it’s likely that you may want to change or add the right flooring; one reason may be your pets.  While human footwear can be hard on flooring, pets can be more challenging.  Installing a cost-effective and durable floor is possible with pets in the home!  Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of different types of flooring:

♦Hardwood Flooring

While this may be one of the more popular and desired types of flooring, it can also be the most difficult of floors to clean should there be pet accidents.  Removing urine stains may require one to go as far as stripping, sanding, and refinishing the floor (a fun project for those who don’t mind the hard work and cost!).  A few other things to keep in mind are; wiping around a water bowl immediately, after spills.  Placing a water mat underneath the bowl is recommended to avoid swelling and contracting, when moisture seeps into the wood.  Keeping the dog’s nails at a proper length will limit but not prevent scratches.

♦Laminate Flooring

Pet owners may choose this flooring because of its hardness, but the drawbacks are that the floor is very slippery, causing physical problems for your pets, especially dogs.  Though scratches won’t show as easily due to the high laminate finish, they are uncomfortable for the pets to lie on; rugs are recommended to provide some comfort for you and your pet.

♦Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is renewable; is the hardest of all hardwood floors, stands up to more traffic, and won’t wear out.  Stain-resistant, it eliminates worry over spills and accidents.  Due to its hardness, it is more likely to withstand damage.  Repairs will not be as costly as other types of flooring, making this a great investment.  However, because this flooring is brittle, it will leave many scratches from your pets, and may possibly dent the floor when wearing heels.  In addition, only two colors can be used with this flooring.  In time, the color will fade via sunlight.

♦Cork Floors

This is a good environmentally-friendly choice.  It is antimicrobial and reduces mold growth and other allergens.  Sweeping the floor regularly, though scratch-resistant, is recommended as particles of dirt left behind, can cause some scratches.  This flooring is also water-resistant, but any spills should be cleaned up immediately.  Over time, as the floor is exposed to sunlight, it will have some discoloration.

♦Stone Tile Flooring

This flooring is ideal for pet owners because it doesn’t scratch easily and scratches are not easily seen.  Pet accidents don’t cause a lot of worry, because there is less impact on the flooring.  However, unless rugs are used sporadically throughout the floor, this can be hard on the pets to lie on.


This flooring similar to stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile, won’t scratch easy, and if the pets have an accident, it won’t damage the floor, like it might wood flooring.  However, due to its hardness, your pet’s comfort level should be considered.

♦Vinyl Flooring

Great for small children as well, the new luxury vinyl flooring is scratch and stain-resistant, low in allergens, maintaining and cleaning it is convenient, and absorbs noise effectively.  Because vinyl does not stand up well to heavy loads, and can be damaged by sharp objects, it’s recommended it not be used outdoors.


It is not recommended for individuals to install this type of flooring.  Even if there are no pets in the home, this flooring wears and tears easily.  In pet-friendly homes, and especially when cost is considered, a carpet without loops is best as a pet’s nails can snag and increase the chances of wear and tear, a lot quicker than normal.


This is an excellent choice for flooring if the cement foundation has been left exposed during a new build (otherwise it is very costly to install one).  It is very cost-effective, can be very cool in the summer, and will better absorb heat in the winter.  They use less energy; they can be polished, and stained with many color choices, with new processes and technologies.  On the downside, they transmit more noise than carpet or traditional flooring, and can be tiring if you are on your feet for extended periods of time, can be hard on your pet (unless area rugs, or doggie beds are used), and unless the floor is stained and sealed, any pet accidents will be absorbed into the cement causing stains that will be difficult to remove.