DIY Leash Holder


By Stephanie Finne (Guest Contributor)

We have leashes hanging out all over the place. Finally, enough was enough. I looked on Pinterest for ideas and found this. It was perfect. I ran out to our local IKEA and grabbed a dog butt. Then I stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up the wood sign and hanging hardware.  Everything else I had at home, so I got started. Here is how you can make your own.

What you need:

Wood sign (new or used with hardware for hanging – I found this sign at Hobby Lobby for $2.33 and the hardware was $1.99 for 6 pieces)
Paint in color of your choice
Paint brush
Paper towels
Garbage bag or plastic drop cloth
Mod Podge
Dog butt and screw
Patterned scrapbook paper
Scrabble letters (I had purchased bulk scrabble letters from Amazon)


1. Cover your work area with the garbage bag or drop cloth to protect it from paint.  Paint your sign with primer.


2. Once the primer is dry, place your patterned paper on the sign with the patterned side up. Align the pattern where you like it best. Crease the paper over the beveled edges to get a pattern for where you want the paper to sit. Cut out the pattern.


3. It is time to add a base coat of your preferred color. To get complete coverage, two coats may be needed.


4. It is time to apply the patterned paper to the sign. Add a thin layer of Mod Podge with a brush directly to the sign. Align the paper on the Mod Podge and smooth it to avoid bubbles in the paper. Allow it to dry.



5. Decide which side of the sign is the top.  On the back, attach the hanging hardware.



6. Lay out your dog butt and scrabble tiles to determine placement.


7. Once you have your placement, mark where you need to put the screw. I took a pencil at the top of the hanging notch and tip it to the sign to place a dot.



8. Add a small pilot hole with a drill bit. Then, add a screw with a screw driver.

DSC04618 DSC04621

9. Place your dog butt and line up your scrabble tiles. Apply super glue to the back of the tile and set on your sign.  Once dry, your sign is ready to go.


10. Hang your leash holder and keep your leashes handy and organized!

DSC04644 DSC04672

This sign would make a handy addition to your massage therapy room. To find other items you may need for your practice, visit the RMSAAM store!